The infamous ‘man cold’

It’s that season. It’s that time where we men get colds. These are not your typical coughing, sneezing, sore throat and runny nose colds. This is the end of the world cold. This is a call in sick for work cold. This is a I cannot do a dang thing cold.

This is what my Wife calls the Man cold.

It’s a scientifically proven cold (assuming that it was discovered by scientist, but I think woman discovered this as they had one of there secret meetings with other wives). That when men get the same cold our wifes get, we tend to get it 10 times worse. It’s true. She will go to work with all sorts of medications and work. But me? You want me to go to work? Yaaa…. no. Sorry. I can’t move. My head is killing me and not to mention that I cant breathe through my nose.

You tell her that and your in loads of trouble. Your going to get the whole I went through labor (twice) speech. “If I can push TWO kids out, you can go to work SICK!”

Oh how I love that one. She swears like we can forget that most beautiful time in life where a baby takes its first breathe. That time of screaming and hair pulling labor. How can I forget?

So fella’s let her know next time that a man cold is the real deal.

Get the bell ready.

These are words of a husband.


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