Do you promise to love cherish and shop?

I was 18. All those words the pastor was saying went in one ear and out the other. My tears and out loud waling kinda muffled all those vows that were said to be the code of marriage. With a beautiful, soon to be wife in front of me all I had on my mind was whats gonna go down after the wedding. And of course it went down. yup. Right after words I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the car. Everyone who was invited to the wedding were left to talk amongst themselves and enjoy the rest of the day.

The rest is history.

5 and a half years later im here…. In front of my computer. Wondering what i got myself into with a blog.

Do i really have time for this? I’m a Father of four (two of my own and legal guardianship of two more). I am a full time student and of course a VERY VERY full time Husband.

With that brief history being said lets get back to the vows deal.

Oh the ignorance of being a youth. You really dont realize what all that stuff means at that age. Love cherish, sickness health oh and the death do us part. All seemed pretty easy. Little did i know that back rubs and foot massages and long long long long long long grocery and wal-mart experiences were a part of your duties as a loyal loving husband. Ill be honest, shopping for that long makes me itchy.

Literally itchy and in all the wrong places i might add.

I then begin to take the role of the wife and start to NAG.  Yes i said it. NAG.

Lets be honest our wifes nag. they like to nag. nag nag nag.

So we shop and shop and i nag and nag that im done. im itchy, im hungry, im grumpy, IM DONE!

I get my way and our two shopping carts turn into one. Because you know she has to start putting back the things she thought she needed. That in itself takes lots of time. We then make our way into the parking lot where our nice little itty bitty tiny Volkswagon Beatle is awaiting us. If that car had a mind of its own it would laugh and say “you think your going to fit all those much needed items in this trunk?” No Mrs. beatle im going to put these items in the trunk and on my kids laps.


Then the vicious cycle of shopping occurs another two weeks later.

Husbands. You never get used to it. Unless your weird.

These are words of a husband.


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